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Blues Clues Cake Topper Kit

This Kit includes: -a vtg 1999 Blues Clues cake Topper -a tickle tock birthday decor -10 look and experienced vtg 1999 Blues Clues cake Topper kits and an instruction booklet.

Blues Clues Cake Topper Kit Walmart

The Blues Clues cake Topper Kit can be a fun and exciting part of your cupcake decoration routine! This Kit includes a magenta cake decoration Topper and a few blue fliers to add some extra fun to your cupcake decor, the Kit also includes everything you need to make your cupcake decoration, including blue fliers, cake decor, and of course the Blues Clues cake topper! This Kit includes: -a blue clue cake top -a blue Clues figure blue the dog fireman -a blue tips cake -a blue Clues bookmark -a blue Clues Topper this Kit is excellent for any blue Clues show! This Kit includes a dr. Resources cake Topper and an outfit for your play figure, the doctor's outfit includes a coat, blue shirt and blue gloves. The Kit also includes a black doctor's outfit with a blue scarf and blue pants, this Kit is sensational for a health-related project or a game! The Blues Clues cake Topper Kit comes with a selection of beautiful magenta cake decoration toppers. This lovely piece of cake decoration can be used to add a touch of elegance to your kit.