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Cake Toppers Paw Patrol

Looking for a fun and festive way to top up your paw patrol collection? check out our cake toppers! These paw patrol plastic figures are adorably small but perfect for any event. Choose between a 1. 75 inches or 2. 25 inches paw patrol plastic figures set.

Paw Patrol Cale Topper

Paw Patrol Cale Topper

By Paw Patrol


Paw Patrol Birthday Cake Toppers

Happy birthday, paws patrol! we hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are! We published a blog post about our birthday cake toppers and we wanted to share some more ideas with you. Below are four different ideas to get your birthday party off to a great start:1. Get a custom cake or cake mix! Some people love getting their own cake, others want to be specific about what they want and need in the cake. With a custom cake made, you can make sure that your birthday party meets all your expectations. Get aides and/or cake decorators to help you with your cake design and reinforcement. They can help you with everything from top to bottom, making sure your cake is perfect for paws patrol. Get a used cake mix. There are always cakes that are left out of the mix because people are afraid of happening again. Splitting the costs of a new cake mix and fresh batter. Have a friend or family member that you can talk to about specific details about the cake. They can offer advice on what size cakem and what looks good on a cake. All in all, getting your paws patrol birthday cake is a great way to celebrate your birthday off to a great start!

Paw Patrol Cake Topper Figures

This paw patrol cake topper figures is perfect for added joy and fun at your birthday party. There are two different colors of paper included, uncut and cut into pieces that can be used as stands orerald and blue paw patrol cake topper figures. They are perfect for attaching to the cake or providing as a decoration. this paw patrol happy birthday cake topper is a great way to show your friends and family how much you love them! The cup cake toppers are made with colorful rice wafers and is just the right size for a special happy birthday! Plus, there are paw patrol crest design on the toppers! this is a great gift for any paw patrol fan! The 8 figure set is filled with all of the characters from the popular netflix show, paw patrol. Heirloom quality art, high-quality materials, and paw patrol inspired design will make any paw patrol fan happy. Order your paw patrol cake topper figurines now and get your favorite charactersheirloom quality art, high-quality materials, and paw patrol inspired design. this paw patrol cake toppers set comes with 11 different toy paw patrol mini figures! Each figure is poseable and can be majorly fun and engaging for any pet! Plus, there are different colors and styles to choose from so that your pet is always fun and flourishing! This set is a great donation item for pet programs or pet shows!