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Cheers To 60 Years Cake Topper

Gratefully receiving a happy birthday cake of your choice, enjoy a journey through 60 years of happiness and joy! Our topper provides all the necessary ingredients to make your birthday just a bit more special. From the stencilling of the beading and oring to the creation of the beautiful golden numbers meant to celebrate your special day, our topper will add a little bit of happiness to your birthday party experience.

Cheers To 60 Years Cake Topper Target

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Best Cheers To 60 Years Cake Topper

This fun and happy cake top is perfect for any celebrate your60th birthday in the right way. With a delicious and fun design, this is the perfect gift for your friends and family. So enjoy your birthday and all things 60 years old! this amazing cake topper will make your friends and family members very happy decades from now! They loved the cake topper's ability to look like 60-year-old charles in il. This cake topper is a wonderful addition to your cheers to 60 years cake marquee. this is a great birthday cake topper! The black font is happy and the golden numbers are in a happy birthday template. This is a perfect choice for someone's birthday present. Thanks for choosing this birthday cake topper! this is a great gift for someone special! It is a great way to show their loved ones appreciated them through the years!