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Glass Slipper Cake Topper

This stylish and functional Glass Slipper cake Topper can be used for a professional or personal wedding decoration, the vibrant frosted clear cinderella Glass slippers can be used as a design or decoration element. They are fantastic for a modern or contemporary wedding.

24 Clear Cinderella Glass Slippers Cake Topper Wedding Decoration

24 Clear Cinderella Glass Slippers



Cinderella inspired  Glass slipper wedding cake separator topper in silver/gold

Cinderella inspired Glass slipper wedding

By Crystal wedding uk


Carriage Cake Topper

This beautiful Glass Slipper cake Topper is splendid for a special wedding function or simply as a beautiful addition to your home, are you scouring for something unique and stylish? Don't look anywhere than the clear cinderella Glass slippers cake topper. These slippers come in a variety of colors and styles, so you're sure to find a top-grade cake Topper for your next event, this wedding cake Topper is a beautiful pink. It presents a small bit of green in it and is manufactured of receipt paper, it is covered in white cinderella Glass slippers. The slippers will make a peerless part of any bride's or groom's, they are also beautiful during the wedding celebration. This cake Topper can help to create a wonderful atmosphere for the wedding, it is an outstanding substitute for any wedding. This elsa's cinderella pumpkin carriage cake Topper is a beautiful and bright surrogate to celebrate the winter season, the cake is filled with delicious pumpkin cake and with a beautiful white icing. It is top-grade for a sweet and romantic gift for your loved ones, looking for a fun and affordable wedding cake topper? Look no more than our Glass Slipper wedding cake separator Topper in this fun and uncomplicated to follow guide will show you how to make a carriage cake Topper that will make your wedding cake experience even more special.