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Gold Cake Toppers

Our gold cake toppers are the perfect addition to your cupcake or cake decor. These vibrant papers add a touch of elegance to your cake or decor. They're also easy on your wallet, using only 12 pieces of glitter paper. So make your cake, and keep your loved ones come birthday!

Mr & Mrs Gold Cake Topper

Looking for a unique and customized cake to top your party? Mr. Gold can provide a topper for you! We offer customize cake toppers for all types of events, including medical, church, education, etc. Let us help you find the perfect topper for your needs!

Gold Wedding Cake Topper

Looking for a unique and beautiful way to celebrate a special day? then look no further than our gold wedding cake topper! This topper is perfect for any golden-hued cake or cupcake. Made from 37x rose gold cake candles with holder happy birthday letter dessert topper, it is perfect for any gold-hued cake or cupcake. This topper is a great addition to any cake or cupcake. this week's joyful news is gold cake toppers! We have 50 pcs happy birthday cake toppers - making a statement about your day of joy - that can be used under your shirt or on your chest. Perfect for any gold-associated clothing, this gold cake topper line is a must-have for any gold-themed wedding. looking for a fun and interesting way to top your birthday cake? check out our birthday cake toppers! These fun and interesting rates for a cake topper for your birthday make a perfect addition to your birthday party. Whether you are a catering or dessert lady, we have the perfect cake toppers to make your birthday even more special. the boy custom class of 2022 is a cake topper that will make your appearance in green bay better than ever. This cake topper is made with gold-colored paper and belongs to a boy who is always up for a good time. He loves to cake tote and offers uninsured/not insured people the opportunity to order his cake tote. the boy custom class of 2022 is a delicious opportunity for children and adults to enjoy a good time and make an appearance in green bay.