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Spyro Cake Topper

This tasty cake Topper sees the fun of come to life in the form of spying vacuum-aholic spyros best friend, jet vac, and all vacuum gives to offer! With this delicious cake topper, you and your friends and family can have some of the most of the toy box fun ever.

Cheap Spyro Cake Topper

This fun and unique cake Topper is unrivalled for and jet vac! It is a sensational substitute for a special occasion or a special place of worship, this piece of decorating set is top-grade for your cake baking needs. The cake Topper presents a first-rate look and feel and is sure to get your message across, this amazing pvc figure cake Topper will make your the dragon 2 game complete! He is adding a new tall pvc figure style, and is sure to add some extra admirers! Made from durable plastic, this cake Topper is an essential part of any the dragon 2 game set. This spying cake Topper is practical for people who grove on the game of video games! With its clever design and colorful graphics, this cake Topper will make any player feel like they are the of that game! This is a high quality pvc toy that toppers can be made to look like dragon cake by covering it in cake toppers, the toy offers a secret place for an upcoming skylander and is served with a skylander wart on the front. This toy also is the skylander's cape and shield, the toy grants a green and black color scheme with white details, including the skylander's spot for a new skylander and the skylander's cape and shield.