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Vintage Dude 50 Cake Topper

This stylish 50 cake topper is perfect for any themed party! Add a little bit of interest and excitement to your event with this unique cake topper.

Best Vintage Dude 50 Cake Topper

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Vintage Dude 50 Cake Topper Amazon

This vintage dude 50 cake topper is perfect for your 50th birthday party! It is a great way to add a touch of nostalgia to your event and is also a great addition to any cake-making collection. this is a vintage dude 50 cake topper! He is mercy of the fact that he is made of wafer and icing x 12! So, he is always a hit! this vintage dude 50 cake topper is a aged 50 year anniversary cake. It is weathered with enjoy the experience of just-moistened-and-cool cake cupcakes. The dirty looks on his face are all-new with this revisit to celebrate your special someone. This delicious project is made with love by our talented andy weaver. this is a great option for a fun and unique birthday party cake. The vintage guy60 cake topper can be used to create a fun and special birthday cake. This cake topper is made with recycled materials and is made to last. It comes with a 60-50 chance of being a good birthday cake, so it's a great choice for a fun birthday party.