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Vintage Dude 50 Cake Topper

This stylish 50 cake Topper is dandy for any themed party! Add a little bit of interest and excitement to your event with this unique cake topper.

Vintage Dude 50 Cake Topper Amazon

This Vintage Dude 50 cake Topper is unrivalled for your 50 th birthday party! It is an exceptional substitute to add a touch of nostalgia to your event and is in like manner an unequaled addition to each cake-making collection, this is a Vintage Dude 50 cake topper! He is mercy of the fact that he is produced of wafer and icing x 12! So, he always a hit! This Vintage Dude 50 cake Topper is an aged 50 year anniversary cake. It is weathered with enjoy the experience of just-moistened-and-cool cake cupcakes, the dirty looks on his face are all-new with this revisit to celebrate your special someone. This delicious project is manufactured with admiration by our talented andy weaver, this is a best-in-class surrogate for a fun and unique birthday party cake. The Vintage cake Topper can be used to create a fun and special birthday cake, this cake Topper is produced with recycled materials and is made to last. It comes with an 60-50 chance of being a good birthday cake, so it's a first-rate way for a fun birthday party.